20 Oct

Coverage? – Can you add more carriers or countries to the app?

Other US Carriers:

Frequent travelers are our target audience, so we focus on the major carriers.

Also keep in mind that many wireless carriers are actually MVNO’s who are re-branding bandwidth from one of the bigger carriers . Check this Wikipedia article for a listing of what networks various MVNOs use, which can better able to you to use Coverage? to find where you are covered with each.

Other Countries:

In June 2020 we were able to obtain maps for the three Canadian carriers, which is now available as an in-app purchase.

We are keeping an eye out for options to do the same with Mexico in the future.

The infrastructure of Coverage? could easily accommodate other geographic regions as separate apps. However there is extensive research to be done to determine each country’s primary carriers and how to capture their map data to be overlayed within the Coverage? model.  This is a lot of labor intensive work that we just simply don’t have the time or funding for ourselves.

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