20 Oct

Coverage? – What’s included on each’s carriers layer?

Coverage? displays layers for each carrier. We’ve selected colors for each carrier that best matches their branding, and the darker the color indicates faster/newer coverage. You bring up a legend in the app’s info screen (top left hand corner).

For the three major US carriers, the layers include 5G mmW & 5G mid-band (HD subscription only), 5G NW, LTE and roaming. As of May 2022, we no longer display 3G as the carriers will have this phased out by year end. Sprint has also be removed in Summer 2022.

  • Verizon – Displayed in shades of Red.  ‘Extended LTE’ is shown as a duller red in the LTE layer.
  • AT&T – Displayed in shades of Blue.
  • T-Mobile – Displayed in shades of pink/purple. Extended LTE is included in a darker purple layer on the LTE layers


  • US Cellular  – Displayed in shades of orange, it includes their native 5G NW, LTE and roaming coverage.
  • Bell, Rogers & Telus (Canadian Carriers) – These optional carriers available by in-app purchase display the LTE coverage map for each. Purchasing this option is a one-time lifetime access to the Canadian carrier maps.
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