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We write apps that better enable our own mobile full time traveling lifestyle. They’re available in the app marketplaces. Here’s our growing suite:

publiclands_iconUS Public Lands for iPhone/iPad & Android

The US Federal Governments owns nearly 650 million acres of land – almost 30 percent of the land area of the United States. These are lands that are held for all Americans. Easily see where these public land holdings are with overlays of US Forest, BLM and more are.

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Coverage? for iPhone, iPad & Android

The carriers maps in your pocket! Coverage? is the app digital nomads, bandwidth junkies and travelers crave – knowing where they can expect to be connected next! Create your personal  coverage map for the major US and Canadian carrier to know where you’re likely to get 5G, LTE or Roaming.

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State Lines for iPhone & Android

State Lines is an indispensable traveler’s guidebook to highly variable state regulations that change as you cross state lines – from sales tax rates, TXTing rules, seatbelt laws, overnighting in rest stops and if you can buy beer in the grocery store.

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