Business Services

We have shifted our business focus to working on our own projects, such as hosting the Mobile Internet Resource Center and our mobile apps.

These projects now consume the majority of our time, and we rarely consider paid consulting, advising or development.

However, if you have a project that you think we’d be a perfect fit for – please do be in touch. We are open to considering intriguing opportunities that are right up our alley.

Types of Business Services We Enjoy:

  • Full Market Analysis – We excel at competitive analysis and can do the research to discover who your competitors are, and how to best position your product and direct your marketing efforts.
  • Enthusiast Building and Strategy Development – We construct a custom strategic plan to reach your audience through social media and enthusiast & community building.
  • Launch Specialists – Have a unique new service or product, and want an effective launch plan to reach your audience? We’ll do the market research, develop a strategy and coordinate the specifics of the launch plan.
  • Technology Consulting – Our lives are living laboratories for mobile technology, and we keep ahead of the curve. We’re available for advising, product testing, product development, competitive research, market research or just helping you implement an effective arsenal for your business or project.
  • Writing – We might consider select freelance writing of articles for print or web, or general content creation.

 See our portfolio of projects.