Chris and Cherie have combined their diverse skill sets to offer services through Two Steps Beyond LLC.  They have constructed a lifestyle that allows them to select projects that are inspiring, better the world and are fun.

Aside from creating their own apps & books, some of their major projects for others have included:

Xscapers – A New Generation of RVers by the Escapees RV Club (2014 – present)

The Escapees RV Club approached us with a unique situation. They started in 1978 and had a membership of 40% under age 50 and working on the road. Today, their members was 85% over the age of 65. They were concerned that they were both not delivering their promise of being a ‘Support Network for ALL RVers’ and that if they didn’t bring in more younger RVers the organization would  not last into the future.

They were ready for something new.

Xscapers by Escapees RV Club

Xscapers by Escapees RV Club

Together, we came up with the idea of a club within a club, to start marketing to working aged RVers without impacting the existing membership who is happy with the way things are.

We advised them through creating products & services that younger RVers would be attracted to and that fit their vision of being a total support network. And we coached them through a total website redevelopment for both Escapees and Xscapers. Once the website was ready, we advised them through the social media strategy to reach their target audience and slowly build up a new membership offering.

Xscapers was officially launched at their annual Escapade event in March 2015, and continues to grow and thrive ensuring the future of the Escapees RV Club for decades to come.

RVillage.com – Advisors and Launch Specialists (2013 – 2020)


Two Steps Beyond was brought in to help shape this new social network for RVers by RV Friend Network LLC, closely working with the development team as product development advisors.

2SB formed and ran in person focus groups & remote beta previews as part of product development, quality assurance and enthusiast building. 2SB also developed & implemented the social media launch strategy coordinating bloggers, forum participants, potential partners, ambassadors and the press.

RVillage was launched on March 12, 2014 and was acquired in 2020.

J&J Worldwide Services – Custom Enterprise iPad App (2012)

Two Steps Beyond created a custom iPad application to be used by J&J janitorial supervisory teams to do spot inspections in hospitals. The application updates from their backend enterprise server, and works both offline and online to generate random inspection tasks, to-do lists and delinquency reports.

Palmetto Health – Custom Web Application (2010-2011)

Two Steps Beyond provide full scale application development for a custom web based application to handle the critical care case management for this South Carolina health provider network.

US Army Medical Command – Custom Web Application (2007-2013)

Two Steps Beyond was the sub-contractor providing project management, training, database management and primary end user support arm. The primary contract was held by VeArd Computer Research (the business Cherie ran with her parents) from 1994 – 2013 for the development, advancement and sustainment of a custom developed web application that provided resource and budget management for all of the US Army’s hospitals around the world.

HearPlanet – Product Launch Management (2008-2009)

The CEO of this new iPhone application, that is the first geospecific audio tour guide for your cellphone of the world, approached Two Steps Beyond to be the lead on the marketing and public relations push for their launch, with a specific goal of making a unique splash at Macworld 2009. All with a very limited pre-funded start-up budget. The CEO had a vision of a party bus roving around the Moscone.

HearPlanet at Pier 45 on Fishermans' Wharf

2SB coordinated partnering with a San Francisco based tour bus company to secure a double decker bus, lining up DJs and getting the word out by approaching organizers of Macworld events to serve as a unique shuttle service between the hippest parties.  They coordinated the media, securing mentions on TUAW, AppCraver, USA Today, Macworldbound and others. They used social media, including Twitter and Facebook, to generate buzz before and during Macworld, keeping the bus hoping during all four days of the expo.  The splash was a huge success, with the HearPlanet Launch Party Bus becoming an icon of Macworld 2009 – and HearPlanet rising to the 3rd top free application in the Travel section of Apple’s App Store above other popular applications such as Yelp.

GeoPhoenix – Technical Research & Writing (2007)

Two Steps Beyond was brought in to write up a technological overview of GeoPhoenix’s zooming interface patents, to prepare them for potential sale to interested parties.  2Sb provided technology consulting to patent brokers, lawyers and more.