29 Nov

State Lines – Can you add some new laws?

We always welcome suggestions for laws or regulations you’d like to see tracked in State Lines. We try to keep the content of the app focused on laws that impact travelers as they cross State Lines. If you have an idea, write and let us know (stateliness@technomadia.com).  If you know of a public domain source for the data, please also include that.

20 Oct

State Lines – How often is State Lines updated?

We intend to update State Lines annually.

We have to manually research each piece of information in State Lines and enter it ourselves – it’s not an automated process.

We strive to find the right balance between the expended effort and the benefit of having as up-to-date information as possible. After all, we depend on these apps in our own life – so it’s in our best interest to keep them updated. Rest assured, we’re on top of it.



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